rabbitsteaparty - Let it go, Naruto
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Dedicated to my first anime convention, all those years ago

Lyrics and vocals: rabbitsteaparty

PLEASE do NOT repost this ANYWHERE! I have a youtube account. If I wanted it up there (synced to the video or otherwise) I would do it myself! Thank you

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Hey, I wish I didn’t have to make a post like this, and I know you guys don’t want to read it, but here I go anyway.

If you are going to use something that someone has made, be it art, writing, or an audio clip, please, please, please ask the person who created it first. I have seen a few videos floating around that used my recording of “Will You Help Me Hide a Body” without my permission, one of them not even crediting totallyfubar, who wrote the original parody.

If the person who created the original does not give you permission to use their work, please respect that. And if they tell you to remove their work from something you’ve made, please do so.

I am very close to my voice. It has been coming out of my mouth for years now. So seeing it come out of a place where I didn’t put it is…jarring, to say the least.

Thank you.

:33 < *ac lovingly fandubs rizucchini’s comic*

I reuploaded the “Will you help me hide a body” mp3!

It is now available for download here.

I changed the link in the post, too, so that people won’t be directed to the soundcloud page anymore. The file got downloaded 100 times (WHAT?!) and that’s soundcloud’s limit per song. („๏ ⋏ ๏„)